Dilmos celebrates its 40th anniversary with a new exhibition space and the welcoming of Beatrice Pellegatta

Dilmos celebrates its 40th anniversary with a lot of exciting news. A new chapter opens for the exhibition space that has become an icon of international design history by introducing the concept of poetry within an object.

The visionary, Luisella Valtorta, who founded Dilmos in 1980 as a dual nature space - both a commercial and expositive space, innovating the world of design and taking the risk of exhibiting unknown artists and designers - is joined by the young Art Director - Beatrice Pellegatta, born in 1991 with academic and professional experience in Milan and London.

An association that aims to innovaten, even more, the already known originality of Dilmos. In addition, the exhibition space will change address. Just a few doors from the old space, in the same building designed by the architect Vico Magistretti in the famous Brera district, but now with the entrance at Via San Marco 1. Today, the new space is still under renovation, but the official opening is expected to be on the first week of September.

New expositive language forms

The new exhibition space, 200 m2 on a single floor, surrounded by large windows that act as frames for the distinguished Dilmos pieces. Pieces that are objects of research to an even more profound thought process by the author; a vehicle of communication, a narrative, an interaction with the world.

For the opening, precisely to emphasize the bond between Dilmos and the artists, the exhibition will include pieces from artists who have worked with Dilmos during its 40 years and that have left a strong mark in its history. Some of the artists present will be Adrian Cruz, Akomena, Alex Pinna, Andrea Salvetti, Annibale Oste, Antonella Veggiotti, Bertozzi & Dal Monte Casoni, Claudio Bitetti, Daniele Papuli, Davide Medri, Dum Dum, Julian Mayor, Gianni Osgnach, Maurizio Cattelan, Ron Gilad, e Umberto Dattola. We will have all of them on the same level, surrounded by large windows: “all of this because at Dilmos we talk about relationships and ideas born by sharing”, explains Beatrice Pellegatta, “even if many of our artists have completely different identities, together they complement each other perfectly.”

An opening that promises to be visionary and avant-garde, with an artistic language that represents a moment of breath that lays the foundations for a new phase: full of innovation, that begins with the scouting. “Dilmos, in fact, returns to be a talent scout for young artists who will show, within the walls of Dilmos, their own concepts of art and design.”

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