Anna Maria Enselmi: from Dilmos to Palazzo Luce in Lecce

The story of Anna Maria Enselmi is a story of continuous research of harmony and balance. Everything started in Brera, at the core of Milan’s design culture, where she studied at the Brera Academy. It is here, the place where every movement tends to find harmony between the body and the spirit, where she met Luisella Valtorta, and her passion for design found the place to mature definitively.

Anna Maria acquires and learns from avant-garde objects: creations of artists meant to leave its mark on the world of art and design.

Choosing a design object is not a purchase like the others which eventually have a programmed obsolescence, it is a lot more. It is to establish an invisible bond with the person who conceived and created the object. It means taking with you, the artist’s point of view and transferring it to your own life. Choosing an object is an aesthetic, ethical, and social act: it is study, pleasure, intuition and empathy. It is choosing to listen to a story. There are stories which are meant to be or simply born by intuition, such as the story of Anna Maria Enselmi and Dilmos. Quite some time has passed since that first encounter, in the ‘90s, and the acquisition of that first “Carlton”, acquired with a loan.

Palazzo Luce at Lecce: where collection and cultural experience meet.

Today, Anna Maria is an esteemed collector who is about to launch a thrilling project. The Antico Palazzo dei Conti, a 14th century structure home of Maria D’Enghien who later became queen of Naples, will become Palazzo Luce and will illuminate Lecce’s old town.

City which preserves intact its baroque soul, revealed but hidden at the same time. With an internal surface of 1500 m2 and an outer surface of 660 m2, will host a seven suite hotel with site-specific designs and furniture. It is not a common stay but a genuine cultural experience, a journey attached to the city with its suggestions and Anna Maria’s personal story. The suites will be furnished with design objects form her private collection and enriched with collaborations with artists such as David Tremlett, known for his artworks inspired on architecture and lighting, and the artist Martino Gamper, who designed the interior for the bar, including a mobile counter inspired by Gio Ponti.

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