About Us

Dilmos Milano was founded in 1980 as an exhibition space and reference point for contemporary design. From the beginning, the ethos of Dilmos has been to sell unique objects alongside furniture by contemporary designers. Dilmos interacts directly with the world of design, personally choosing artists to collaborate with, while actively exploring the art form by presenting exhibitions, installations and performances. 

In 1988, Dilmos presented the "Differenze" exhibition which featured artists like Sottsass, Mendini, Marano, Santachiara, Branzi and Deganello: it was this exhibition that established Dilmos as a central figure in the world of design. From this time onwards, Dilmos has been increasingly orientated towards the poetry of objects and works that fully express this philosophy. Each piece represents the inspiration of the artist, becoming a vehicle for communication, narration and interaction with the world.

Dilmos Edizioni is an exclusive collection of works, designed in collaboration with numerous artists and produced for Dilmos. The pieces are not solely functional and do not have a uniform style of design; the languages of the pieces are as wide-ranging as the thoughts and gestures of the artists themselves.

The person collecting these stories has been Lella Valtorta, founder of Dilmos along with Lucio Zotti, an extraordinary avant-gardist who introduced Milan to the poetry of objects in 1980. Throughout its history, and right down to the logo designed by Sottsass Associati, Dilmos has been a true pioneer of design.

2020 marked a year of exciting developments for Dilmos, beginning with welcoming a new partner and Art Director Beatrice Pellegatta, and opening a new exhibition space within the historic building of Vico Magistretti in Brera. Dilmos’ philosophy is firmer than ever: to exhibit unique, poetic pieces and regularly commission new creations from artists and designers.