Marco Giovanni Stefanini was born in Bern in 1960.
Always attracted by archaic forms of expression and prehistoric art, he studied in Rome and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

The first artistic approach is towards the field of painting and sculpture, a passion that is expressed in various exhibitions where Stefanini's artworkss anticipate the unconventional spirit of his research. Towards the end of the 1980s, Stefanini develops a particular attraction to the field of design; everyday objects come to life from stone, wood, iron and glass. Among the personal and collective exhibitions of this period, the one published by the INTERNI Design magazine stands out: it marks Stefanini’s official entrance into the world of innovative creativity. After founding the Gallery for young artists Interno and DumDum and, as partner and artistic director, the Art Caffè Escandalo literary circle in Parma, he finally lands in the Dilmos Gallery in Milan, exhibiting his pieces to this day and participating numerous times during Milan Design Week.