Group exhibition

Dilmos, the long-established design gallery, protagonist and creator of the fuori salone, is where trends take shape. Right from the start of its activity it stood out immediately for its predilection for the object that tells a story, that is never just purely functional, but is a form expressing a thought, an idea.

Dilmos has always shared these choices with artists such as Maurizio Cattelan, Ettore Sottsass, Alessandro Mendini, Andrea Branzi, Paolo Deganello, Ugo Marano, Bertozzi e Dal Monte Casoni, Ron Arad, Nendo, Formafantasma, Francesca Fabbri, Studio Jobs, Danny Lane, Pieke Bergmans, Kiki Van Eijk, Ron Gilad, Andrea Salvetti, Alessandro Ciffo, Gianni Osgnach, Karen Chekerdjian, who through their work express the search for a deeper meaning that goes beyond the pure function of enriching the dwelling space.
The title of the Fuori Salone 2019 exhibition is 38th, expressing the number of years of participation in Milano Design Week. The exhibition, involving artists and designers of various origin, draws together the many languages of the authors, because the gestural expressions and thought of each one are multiple. It is in this logic that Dilmos works precisely on the intention of making language and poetry communicable between them.


Invisible Cities, wooden container
Outside coated in gold leaf, oxidised iron and acid-etched brass.
This item is supported by a branch of ash wood gathered in the woods surrounding the workshop.
Dimensions: the measurements vary from 50 to 205 cm in length and 190 to 225 cm in height

The Invisible Cities, The Invisible Cities, or internal cities. By connecting the urban places to our own emotions with an invisible thread, we reveal the ideal cities' that each of us guards in our own soul. Thus the little houses of Umberto Dattola's Invisible Cities' become a place of choice for those who want to make them their inner dwelling, door after door, house after house. A narration that unwinds from the most intimate relationship with one's soul.


Round table MarquetryMania
Matt pink lacquered wood with wood inlay strips finished with opaque lacquering
Dimensions: cm Ø120 x H75

Oval tableMarquetryMania
Matt black lacquered wood with wood inlay strips finished with opaque lacquering
Dimensions: cm L280 x W110 x H75

Two tables featuring soft shapes in matt lacquered wood with lively colours, enveloped by wooden inlay strips.
In this way an ancient Lebanese tradition becomes a modern language and gives shape to precious hand-made items.
Above all, Nada Debs’ work features her ability to distil culture and handicraft to create items with an emotional resonance.Â


Table Border
Top in matt black lacquered toulipier wood, inlaid part lacquered in traffic yellow
Dimensions: cm L202 x W90 x H74

Visual awareness means to be aware of the urban signs that belong to our daily life, presences perceived but not noticed. Kata Matoga takes up these signs and turns them into decorative features, by applying them to familiar objects. Thus the yellow direction, guidance and safety line (LOGES) that we see every day in the stations becomes a motif of decoration, carved on a wooden band, which extends and is transformed into a structural support element for the table itself, going to form one of the legs. A simple, immediate intuition that strengthens the link between the urban context and our daily life.


Metal organic loop chair 2014
welded mirror polish stainless steel
Edition of 5
Dimensions: cm L83 x W70 x H73

The Organic loop chair was conceived as three loops with three surfaces represented in the mirrored steel. These surfaces meet at seams that appear curved but are in fact made from flat panels. The idea is about perception and how the eye takes in partial information and translates these clues into a solid object in the mind, much as a computer uses wireframe drawing to represent a three dimensional object in space. The forms were developed on a computer and with scale models, but the physical making process (folding / welding) adds a layer of depth to the construction.


Annist Collection

Sofa Fluente
Sand casting of patinated aluminium, with fabric-covered seat.
Dimensions: cm L140 x W60 x H94

Armchair Fluente
Sand casting of patinated aluminium, with fabric-covered seat
Dimensions: cm L62 x W52 x H94

Mirror CerchioPerfetto19
Sand casting of patinated aluminium and mirror
Dimensions: cm L163 x H189

Mirror Gesto19
Sand casting of patinated aluminium and mirror
Dimensions: cm L159 x H125

Object with dual enjoyment: visual and functional (coat hanger) Sand casting of blue patinated aluminium
Dimensions: cm L210 x W5 x H394

The Annist collection is dedicated to Annibale Oste, Neapolitan sculptor and designer of great fame, a forerunner of design art.
Research into materials is a basic part of this project, which digs into the soul to create objects of daily use with an eternal life.
The items in the collection are created in sand-casting of patinated aluminium, which precisely reproduces the interrupted moment, the suspension in space and time that is created when one makes a gesture, even a simple gesture like a brush-stroke. In this way the memory of Annibale Oste thus lives on in living matter, in its ability to re-create daily life raised to a primordial gesture.


Dendrici laminated concave items composed of strips of cardboard, selected for colour and density, and handmade paper.
Colors: black, yellow, white.
Dimensions: cm Ø50 x H14

Dendrici is a new episode of CARTODENDROMETRIA, a 2010 project involving paper material and its many uses.
The strips of cardboard are joined to form rings, which are then cut manually to create unique shapes that give life to a Dendrico, a creation in cardboard with rough, coloured profiles, where the sections of growth are highlighted to emphasise their evolution, as in a tree section.

The Dendrici are hand-made, each in a unique, finished shape, each one different from the next, as every tree is different from the others.


Lost-wax casting in aluminium, fabric and led bulb
Dimensions: 8 x 7 x H22 cm

Lost-wax casting in aluminium, fabric and led bulb
Dimensions: 16 x 7 x H37 cm

Lost-wax casting in aluminium, fabric and led bulbs
Dimensions: 38 x 10 x H30 cm

The first idea of these lamps, in 2000, was to give visibility to the inhabitants of that well-lit little world surrounding every light-bulb.
I imagined that Lucignolo (Lampwick), after disappearing from the story, took refuge here, where he met Turchina (the Blue Fairy). Needless to say, as time passed it was inevitable that something more than friendship would arise between them and perhaps this rebellious, introspective youth found something magical in her lightness and her carefree character.
The light-holder and the lead are intentionally bare, as I have often seen them in some rooms in the homes of friends of my age; years ago they used to call us the Peter Pan generation, let's hope we haven grown too much in the meantime and that we've maintained our will to imagine things that are not too easy to explain.

Dilmos will host "Oggetti Smarriti" a collection by Alex Pinna realized for BABS Art Gallery.


Golden Line series of paintings
Ink and acrylic gold on canvas

Golden Line #1
Dimensions: L210 x H150 cm

Golden Line #2
Dimensions: L210 x H150 cm

Golden Line #3
Dimensions: L159 x H150 cm

Golden Line #4
Dimensions: L210 x H141 cm

We must rediscover the words of the masters of art in knowing how to recomposing beauty with human concept. The gold in my works represented the sacred, the mystified material of humanity, is the very life of which we are losing the meaning, the meaning and the senses.

Editing: Roberta Mutti