by Daniele Papuli

from september 28th to october 10th

“Evolutionary structures built with fragments, modules, reams, paper residues of different types and colours, precious accumulations of my studio, obtained or extracted from other sculptures, cut by hand during my daily activities in moments of shared reflection.

Signed unique pieces, free all-around compositions, “paper rides” that become vases, crowns, capitals, phantasmagoric volumes of cities. Micro- architectures full of signs,shiny and wrinkled profiles made of layers and corners that settle like artifacts or unfold like flowers.”

Daniele Papuli



BABELO 1: diam. cm 37 x 26.5 H
BABELO 2: diam. cm 37 x 38 H
BABELO 3: diam. cm 42 x 40 H
BABELO 4: diam. cm 48 x 45 H
BABELO 5: diam. cm 41 x 36.5 H
BABELO 7: diam. cm 50 x 53.5 H
BABELO 8: diam. cm 45 x 53.5 H
BABELO 9: diam. cm 54 x 59.5 H