Backgammon Beauty by Valeria Molinari

Dilmos presents Backgammon Beauty, a series of four Backgammon boards designed in limited edition of 100 by Milan based architect Valeria Molinari. The project, composed of four tables inspired by the elements of water, air, fire and earth, is born from the concept of play as an existential condition. Especially during the pandemic, when everyone was subject to a rigid domestic restriction, playing became a form of knowledge, an instrument to get to know one self and the other. Playing is celebrated here as a moment of gathering, an occasion for exchange, a fundamental condition to humankind praised by Molinari through this specific project.

The four elements of water, air, fire and earth are omnipresent to any form of life, and are therefore universal: in this project, they transform into four backgammon game boards complete with pawns and dices, in a limited edition of 100 pieces. Each table represents its element through symbols and colors that recallits characteristics: from flames to waves, from trees to rays of the sun, each piece is carefully drawn with watercolor, then covered with a layer of transparent resin.The edges of the boards are surrounded by an assembled frame made of wood, while the pawns are also made of resin, decorated one by one with a specific symbol depending on the chosen element. All the pieces are decorated on the back with a resin plate designed ad hoc, fully customizable.

The game boards, also available in a smaller travel size, are accompanied by an elegant packaging made by hand in cotton and linen, decorated with the designer's logo and by two resin buttons that reflect the colors of the selected element.

Ph: Stefano Giove

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