Dilmos - FuoriSalone 2022


For the occasion of the sixtieth edition of the Salone del Mobile, Dilmos presents a new
furniture collection with a strong architectural matrix, renewing the distinctive sign that has
characterized all its productions and hereby re-affirming its focus on research.

The collaboration with Turin based architect opens a new chapter of dialogue between the
gallery, directed by Beatrice Pellegatta, with the shared artistic vision of Lella Valtorta and
the theme of production in both seriality and uniqueness.

The collection 1:22 is inspired by the composition of spaces and volumes typical of architectural
projects. As Monica herself says, “the distance between the project of a building
and the project of a design object is shortened by the propension to think of anything as an
inhabited place. Furniture is, in fact, a space inhabited by life, used daily. The difference lies
in the scale of realization”.

It is precisely from this ‘scale’ that the collection has borrowed its name, referring directly to
the world of architectural representation. Professionals know that the 1:20 scale already
allows for a good detail work, the choice of using an unusual scale such as 1:22 represents a
deviation wanted by Monica Taverniti, in order to indicate the intention of “staying WITHIN
the drawing to be able to see the world”.

The collection, composed of seven pieces (three benches, one console, one closet, one table
and a cupboard) is inspired by the ‘Maquettes’, sculptural objects developed by the architect
on view in Dilmos since September: these objects embody in fact the genesis of the research
on line and colour and the meaning of composition in architecture and design.

The pieces of the collection 1:22 combine the seriality granted by the historical production
partners of the gallery with the manual personalization by Monica, a three-dimensional
painting that dresses each piece of furniture making it unique while at the same time reproducible
in infinite chromatic combinations.

Exhibition text by Federica Sala

Ph: Franco Chimenti

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