Gufram 'Pratone Forever' @ Dilmos

On the special occasion of the 50th anniversary of PRATONE®, an iconic chair considered a symbol of Radical Design, Gufram presented in Milan, Wednesday 1 December 2021, in the spaces of Dilmos, PRATONE®FOREVER, a spin-off of the iconic modular chaise longue, capable to subvert in a disruptive way the idea of ​​"sitting down". The new open-edition, smaller in size than its illustrious predecessor, now upholstered in fabric and available in three different shades of green - was the protagonist of an unprecedented situationist performance, conceived and directed by the theater director Fabio Cherstich.
The French mime and acrobat Julien Lambert, evoking avant-garde practices and early twentieth century surrealism, interacted with the PRATONE®FOREVER through a score of surprising and amusing actions. In the spaces of Dilmos, a reference point in Milan for Gufram enthusiasts and collectors, the guests - unaware that they would have been spectators of a performative action - were thus totally surprised by Lambert's unexpected and unconventional action.

Ph: Meschina

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