Unique version of the Appuntate table: Dilmos and the versatility of its Design

Every piece of design narrates a unique story of talent and innovation. Starting from a simple idea and from quality material, infinite directions can be further explored and developed.
Dilmos has recently realized this unprecedented customization project of the Appuntate table, a historic piece from the Dilmos Edizioni collection.  Designed 20 years ago by Andrea Salvetti, the Appuntate was originally born with a top in wood or aluminium cast, leaning on legs in the shape of a nail, handcrafted in aluminium or bronze cast (hence the name 'appuntate', which means 'to lean on').This unique version of the Appuntate table measures 5 meters by 6. The top has been realized in aluminium cast, with the texture of the wood originally selected by Salvetti, while the 20 legs are handcrafted in brass cast.
The shape of the table has been designed specifically for our commissioner, following the desire to create a special angle of peace within the green context of his house, immersed in nature on the lakeside of lake Como. The U profile of the Appuntate table allows a company of approximately 30 guests to come together and share a moment of conviviality; the hard lines of the table resume the architecture of the elegant villa in the background, designed by well known Italian architect.

The project was born from the shared will of the commissioner and of Dilmos, as the caretaker of Andrea Salvetti's legacy, to explore the infinite potential of matter. This complex and refined project shows, once again, the versatility of Dilmos' designs and how they are able to open up to infinite possibilities.

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